Since 1993

Why Asgard Climbing?

We believe in product driven, performance oriented market strategies. If your product is more beautiful, and more effective at it's job, it makes your success as a company exponentially more likely.

How will we achieve that?

Because we are active and experienced in both the climbing and engineering fields of expertise, concentrating on technical hardware, we have what you need to deliver projects quickly, effectively and at a minimum of cost.

What do we provide?

Professional, flexible consultancy services to the outdoor technical hardware industry. If you have strategic goals, we will make it our mission to help you achieve them.


Concept development

Our mission is to develop robust product concepts to fulfill your companies strategic goals. After meeting your team, we employ our wealth of experience analysing your goals, tracking down the relevant existing Intellectual Property and understanding how to bring to market your ideas.

Product design engineering

We aim is to make elegant engineered products which attain the highest levels of performance. Using the industry standard Solidworks CAD package, we are able to innovate to the highest standard available in the business.

Design Delivery

With a proven track record, delivering products which are beautifully designed, strengthen your product portfolio and most importantly which sell, we also deliver full CAD Datasets for prototyping, and then production.

What to do next?

Want to find out more? We are only a phone call or email away.