Trolls cross large#

What's in a logo?

The Trollkors is an amulet worn by Scandinavians to ward of malevolent spirits, trolls and elves. It's believed to originate from Odal , the Norse Rune. At Asgard we design gear to protect you from those spirits on your journey through the mountains.

We are here to help

I started this business because I've seen inside many companies - resources are nearly always stretched, design teams are often small and pulled in many directions and despite best intentions, that means your team sometimes has more on its plate than it can handle. Let us be your eyes and hands - researching, developing, brainstorming and organising so that you can get on with making sure that your business runs smoothly.

Who am I?

Coming into an already functioning team is all about personality - what makes you tick and how you relate to people is as important is your design skills. So let me tell you who I am.


Mike Kann

I was a climber who engineered so he could climb. After 15 years designing bespoke industrial machinery I turned my attention to climbing products. My background gives me a great base in complex mechanical design and an eye for potential problems down the line. A father of an irrepresible five year old, owner of Casa Alfredino, some beautiful accomodation in the heart of the Dolomites, and devotee of these wonderful mountains. When I'm not designing, I'm climbing, skiing and biking!

What to do next?

Want to find out more? We are only a phone call or email away.