Got some questions about how we operate?

Where do you work?

We work remotely from offices in the Dolomites. This means your company does not need to provide a working environment other than for meetings. Often we communicate with clients by VoiP, using screen sharing technology so that we can interact on a daily basis.

Which software do you use?

We exclusively use Solidworks Premium 2015. This means we have full 3d solid and 3d surface modelling capabilities, plus FEA simulation, 2d drawing, mould and die tool design and high quality rendering capabilities.

What else can you bring to the table?

In addition to our hard CAD skills we canĀ  provide the following:

  • Patent and intellectual property analysis - making sure your concepts do not breech existing IP is paramount
  • Concept Ideation - 2d concept drawings, brain storming etc
  • Concept development and product design
  • Insight into engineering the product from a perspective of strength, construction, individual part manufacture.
  • Feature costing implication analysis
  • Stength analysis using FEA/FEM
  • Range recommendations and product line development
  • Knowledge about types of prototyping and sourcing
  • Project timeline advice
  • Project management

How long does it take to complete a project?

It's normal for the entire design phase of a project to take around 6 months per product, not including negotiating with the prospective manufacturer. In total we normally estimate that to bring a product to tool and market takes circa 1-1.5 years. Things can be done more quickly but to achieve this, the client needs to have very clear ideas about what they require and a concept which is relatively "safe", in addition to a very good working relationship with their manufacturing partner.

What makes your designs different?

In our view, less is more. Sleak, elegant design leads to stronger, more easily utilised products. Styling needs to come second to performance. That doesn't mean the product should be ugly, quite the opposite. We specialise in incorporating your companies preexisting styling and branding in such a way that you achive the highest possible performance whilst retaining your "look".

What about price?

We work on the basis of a roling contract at a fixed hourly rate. That way if we finish quickly you win. We generally will make an estimate for the hours required to complete each phase of the project to give you an idea of what the final bill might be, but it is only an estimate as these things are tricky to tie down. The best thing is to talk to us so we get a full overview of your requirements so that we can for a deep understanding of the project.

Who owns the design at the end?

It is a given that the client will own the rights to the designs and Intellectual Property at the end of the project. We only ask to be named in any application as it is important to us to receive the recognition that goes with innovation.