Wild Country New Friends

A collaboration with Wild Country leading to their new double axle cams. We were fully integrated within the design team, incorporating and optimising the design to include all the best features. These were awarded the Rock and Ice Best in Gear award.

Wild Country Buckles

Used across the Mission and Synchro range of harness, we designed all new buckles.

ABS Avalanche air bags

During the recent redesign of ABS's airbag system, we helped by researching a new inflation system, aiming to dramatically reduce bottle size and change the detonation method. During this time we experimented with Coanda nozzle technology as an alternative to traditional Venturi systems.

Edelrid Bulletproof HMS

We were instrumental in developing the shape of the new Edelrid Bulletproof Carabiner Range, delivering the project in a very short space of time, 3 months from employment to product data handover. This has had rave reviews - UKClimbing: "As a belay karabiner the Bulletpoof is probably one of the best models out there"


In the past we have designed a great number of machines, too many to list here! The Unimaq Can Laser trimmer for which we developed all mechanical IP, resulted inĀ  two patents and a machine capable of trimming aluminium drinks cans at a rate of 8.5 cans per second. In total we controlled 41 independent motors, rotations and speeds up to 1400 rpm with huge accelerations, whilst handling very fragile, early stage cans by using an air bearing.