Concept development

Our clients want to drive innovation and to develop their products to succeed in a tough marketplace. We do this by identifying gaps, brainstorming solutions and drawing on collective experience to produce great concepts.

IP Research

Intellectual Property is paramount in this industry, both in terms of protecting your designs but also avoiding infringements. We have extensive experience in researching, understanding and implementing IP so there are no hiccups later.


You need to be sure that your product will work as intended. We deliver proof of concept, employing our skills in manufacturing prototypes and other engineering disciplines to do so.

Product design

Beautiful design sells. We use existing or new styling to produce slick, well engineered products using the industry standard Solidworks, and either Solid, Surface or Hybrid modelling to generate beautiful shapes.

Product engineering

Once a product has been shaped, we develop the shape through an iterative process which will result in a strong, functional item, using FEA and physical prototyping to achive this, specifying manufacturing tolerances and fit.

Design Delivery

Hand over to third party manufacturers requires in depth documentation to ensure that you the client, gets exactly what they want. We deliver robust 2d drawings to specify your requirements.

What to do next?

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